Difference between IT and Computer Science


For a long period of time, Computer science has been used in the same plate as information technology. These two terms have always come in hand-in-hand whenever the topics concerning wither of the two has been raised. However there have been a few important differences between the two. Computer science has always been associated with the invention and developments of ... Read More »

Digital learning and changes in School and Education

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Digital learning means the process through which we can easily use electronic education technology. This technology is applied in case of learning and teaching. Another name of Digital learning is E learning. Digital learning also means the application of all types of technologies  in the field of learning and teaching. This also includes all types of electronic technologies. There are ... Read More »

Google glass 2

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INTRODUCTION This device barely needs an introduction, as even six year olds are excited about its arrival! The Google glass 2 is the successor of the Google Glass, which is a wearable smartphone like hands free device which facilitates communication with Internet by voice commands. Google Glass 2 supports better RAM and additional apps over its predecessor, while supporting almost ... Read More »

Mobile phone

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Enjoy great mobile with extraordinary features in OPPO N1 The OPPO is brand name in cell phone industry and if we talk about its new OPPO N1 is the smart phone which allows you to have power and performance inside your pocket with great style. OPPO has technology which provides you great feature helps you keep pace and style with ... Read More »

Any latest gadget launched

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LG has launched its new Smart android flip phone LG Ice Cream Smart LG is all set to make it presence felt in mobile industry with new flip Smartphone named which is named “LG Ice Cream Smart”. It is important to mention that this phone is second attempt made by the company as flip style Android handset. Earlier they have ... Read More »